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Young Authors Club Created by Karl J. Niemiec is now a published book and available to schools and parks to raise funds for FREE!

Young Authors Club front 7-18-16
Hey, teachers, administration, and park program directors, if you would like a free pdf copy of this book, please e-mail us on our contact page using your school or park e-mail. If you are friends with teachers or park programmers, please share this with them. thx, KjN.

For $3.00 discount from CreateSpace visit and paste J588YMZM in the discount space.

Read about Young Authors Club at Current In Carmel

Karl J. Niemiec teaching Young Authors Course at the Monon CenterKarl J. Niemiec teaching Young Authors Cours at the Monon Center
Young Authors Course logoHey, Young Authors! Get your YA Club Gear and Stationary here for your Book Signing Events.


Help Support Special Needs Hockey

Donate a copy to your local library! Special - Give Us A Game DVD "Special - Give Us A Game" is an eight year study, written and directed by Karl J. Niemiec and produced by Coconut Productions, exploring the social benefits gained by athletes afflicted with Autism, Down Syndrome, Strokes, Asperger's Disorder, Physical Birth Defects and basic Neurological Deficits who are members of Special Hockey International and American Special Hockey Association.

What is different about Prolific Screenwriter Script Contest?

1. Winners get a certificate to teach the Prolific Screenwriter Course. This creates an income for the winning writer as a teacher and perhaps a sustainable career path.
Prolific Screenwriter Book
2. Contestants must fulfill the Five-Step Reformatting Process and submit each step to enter. This gives Prolific Screenwriter first read scripts instead of the scripts submitted to all the other contests. This will attract Production Companies looking for your latest screenplay!

"Karl J. Niemiec is the kind of guy you want to spend quality time with... He is a treasure trove of knowledge and great stories. If you are at all interested in writing you should check out and buy his "Prolific Screenwriter" it is a great investment in your future as a storyteller." Debora J. Mincy - Executive Producer

Karl J. Niemiec on TV News

Mary Milz, from Channel 13 News, interviewed Karl J. Niemiec, Director of Communications and Midwest Operations, as he worked to convince The Riverside Neighborhood and the Indianapolis City Council to allow Sanitec Waste to Energy to Zone and Permit new microwave technology in Indiana. Karl succeeded after flying representatives from Riverside to tour another Sanitec facility and agreeing to rehab the Montcalm Facility with workers from The Riverside Neighborhood. Karl J. Niemiec on Channel 13 News. ---- Six years later, through his research, this is what Karl helped turn Sanitec into.

Play Three Position Football At Your School!

Pass-Catch-Defend, an Instructional League for Boys and Girls. Watch Video!
Three Position Football Book

To bring a TPF program to your YMCA or school enrichment program contact us at

Three Position Football is a perfect football game for school curriculum, enrichment programs, fundraising tournaments, and leagues. Every player touches the ball on every play.

It has been said that Three Position Football brings the Madden NFL Video Football Game to life - because kids choose what plays to run, get to tweak them a little bit, and make them their own.

Stage Plays by Karl J. Niemiec

The Movie That Inspired Other Special Teams like:

"Indy Twisters Hockey", right here in Carmel, Indiana. So order your full 60 minute copy today and donate it to your library. Maybe your city will be next to host its own Special Needs Hockey Team!

This is Why – Written and Directed by Karl J. Niemiec

More on the Award Winning Video.
"Thank you so much for sharing your excellent video with others! Mayor Brainard forwarded your email to me as I am the person helping him with his city-wide trash and recycling program. I will be sharing it with members of our Citizens Trash & Recycling Advisory committee."
Sue Maki, Manager of Customer Relations & Education, City of Carmel Utilities
"Outstanding! Exactly what Carmel needs!"
Andy Ray - Current In Carmel.

Written, Produced, Directed and Edited by Karl J. Niemiec

It's the little things that keep me going. Meet some of the great people I've had the pleasure of working with since arriving in Indianapolis. "Non-Profit Community Video Projects from KjN Studios!"

Featured On Harambee Radio WTLC- AM 1310 March 23rd : P.D. (Puppy Dog) Brown a Children’s Book Written by Karl J. Niemiec

Illustrated by Alice Niemiec P.D. (Puppy Dog) Brown is about the inspirational powers behind encouraging friends and family to fulfill their lifelong dreams. Join Harambee Radio: CreateSpace.

Free PDF Books Series On Internet Marketing

Hello, Online Marketing Friends. Below are 14 Free PDF Books on Internet Marketing written by professionals working in conjunction with CopyBlogger Read them on LapTopPublishing.

“What Alex Karras told me about Norm Cash’s Death.”

By Karl J. Niemiec Anyone who really knows me thinks of my longtime suffering when they hear the words Detroit Lions. I’m not a paint my face blue and silver and scream my head off in the parking lot type of guy. But I am still the kid at heart that huddled in the back window of his big brother’s 63 Ford Falcon, with the power on and the engine off, freezing his tush off while listening to the only faint signal he could get to hear the Lions play. I was fourteen and had taken off with my bothers car that summer so he wouldn’t let me start it. Therefore, I froze out there, as Minnesota ruined my childhood game after game. That kid is still me. I still get crawl-in-the-backseat excited every year to listen or watch the Lions play. I do whatever it takes to watch and/or read about the games from wherever I am.

Once upon a time in Hollywood


Back in the day. Hollywood and Detroit.

Posted by on Monday, June 13, 2016

Photos were taken of Karl J. Niemiec in mid-70s by Stillman Clark, Michael Kundak in Hollywood and Print Photographer in Detroit in 79.

One Room Wonders

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Out Of The Coffin – Director Karl J. Niemiec

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Top Review for Alien Mobster

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Law of Average in Production

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I’m Fired, says Trump Clothing and Gear

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Dump Trump Products

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Tips to making Micro-Budget Films – by Shawn Whitney

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Million Dollars

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Karl J. Niemiec – A Scene

Okay, during the taping of Midnight Rondevu, I was asked to do a monolog. I had been working on one from a Pinter play (can't remember which one) in Darryl Hickman's workshop at Debbie Reynolds' Dance … [Read More...]

Karl J. Niemiec’s Books at Barnes & Noble

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Young Authors Club:

How to preserve your child's creativity while raising funds for their schools and parks. This is a very simple concept that developed over time while I published my own books and taught … [Read More...]

LapTopPublishing Brand – Clothing and Gear

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Once upon a time in Hollywood.

Back in the day. Hollywood and Detroit. Posted by on Monday, June 13, 2016 Photos were taken of Karl J. Niemiec in mid-70s by Stillman Clark, Michael Kundak in Hollywood … [Read More...]