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(Writer, executive producer, director, editor
 and member of SAG-AFTRA since 1978. 
Also Writer’s Guild eligible).      
Currently, I’m raising a young family and fulfilling my childhood dreams as Executive Producer of Creative Programming at LapTopPublishing.com LLC and KJN On-Camera Studios.
I direct and edit films, write and publish books, stage plays, and screenplays, plus create and teach enrichment courses and games for children, teens, and adults.
I’ve done this in the past in conjunction with IUPUI and the YMCA but now work exclusively out of KjN On-Camera Studios.  
My children courses and games are designed to bring the artist child and amazed parent together in a fun creative way that not only teaches the business of performing arts but allows young authors/playwrights and actors to experience book signings, play readings and on-camera workshops that showcase their wild imaginations.
In truth, these are the classes I wish I could’ve taken when I first fell in love with the arts in fourth grade.  These are the classes I want my children to be able to take right here in Indy.  And why I teach them to other teachers.
If you wander through my website you’ll find I have other exciting projects including Prolific Screenwriter Script Contest coming up.  If you are interested in getting involved, please reach out and say hello.
You’ll also find on this website that one of my programs, “Special – Give Us A Game,”  inspired a special needs hockey team to form here in Carmel, based on a video study I did on my brother’s team in Michigan.  My wife Erin and I both produced it, and it actually inspired us to get married and have children of our own.  Please buy a copy and donate it to your local library.
In fact, “Jozeph Picasso Alien Trilogy – Filmmaking Adventures” is about my real Hollywood adventures, including how Erin and I fell in love. Alien Made, Alien Biz, and the conclusion, Alien Mobster, are all available in new releases.                                                                                 

Prolific Screenwriter was taught at IUPUI as a film writing Course.

Eventually, after journalism school at the University of Detroit, hitching around America writing journals, and screenwriting classes at UCLA Extension, I spent 30 years surviving Hollywood developing the Prolific Screenwriter Process so others wouldn’t have to come to LA without one. After a job at Double Day Book Store in Beverly Hills where I studied the history of Hollywood, I got my first showbiz gig as a mail clerk at ABC. There, I studied the film library, trained with in-house editors in film and video, acted on General Hospital and Welcome Back Kotter while being taught by the writing staffs to write outlines, plus worked as a PA on Olivia Newton-John MOWs, and sat on sets from Wonder Woman to Charlie’s Angles to watch directors work. I also got my SAG card and blown up in a tank in an Army Training film because, being a country boy, I could skin a rabbit. I later pulled cable for Sam Peckinpah, worked in the art department for the Scott brothers, starred in and directed my own scripts, optioned or sold seven others, even wrote for Alex Karras and rewrote Harry Kleiner who wrote Bullitt, and won local and international screenplay and play contests and had films shown in film festivals and on cable around the world. I’ve spent hours telling stories with Steven Spielberg, Quincy Jones and George Lucas at Steven’s home, was Mike Ovitz’s private event person in his home CAA meetings, deep-sea fished with Dustin Hoffman and Dabney Colman, told jokes with Harrison Ford and Francis Ford Coppola at dinner, partied with Timothy Leary, worked for President Reagan, Barbara Streisand, Frank Wells, Jeffery Katzenberg and Stan Lee at their homes, pitched MOWs at Paramount, and helped Orson Wells and Charlton Heston buy books. With all that I’ve learned from typing 32 screenplays and books, I finally achieved what I came to Hollywood to do; I created a very simple writing process and put it into my book, Prolific Screenwriter, and hopefully, it will help others come to LA with an armful of first drafts, instead of a head full of ideas. Through it all, I even attained a childhood dream of creating a novel series, Jozeph Picasso Alien Trilogy, based on my true Hollywood adventures. Was it all worth it? Yes, every single moment. I love writing. Having a writing process like Prolific Screenwriter has helped me keep it fun and find time to have a family. I can only hope it helps you find that same joy of writing in your Hollywood Adventures.

Karl J. Niemiec on Harambee Radio March 23rd, 2013 marking Young Authors Program to raise money to send children to summer camp.

Karl as Joe Average in Narcotic Justice

Boring Parade

Karl at Jozeph Picasso’s age.

Karl Mid-70s as Mike an Orderly on General Hospital

Karl Mid-70s as Mike an Orderly on General Hospital.

Aftra & SAG since 1978.



Karl J. Niemiec 35-2

Karl J. Niemiec at 35-1

Age 25 – Karl Niemiec

Cover for The Invisible Album check out the songs on his music page http://www.laptoppublishing.com/rock-on-wall-studios/.

                                                  Karl at 23Karl at 22 by Stillman ClarkheadMShot

Karl J. Niemiec’s first photo shoot in Hollywood at 2o.

Karl J. Niemiec age 20

Karl J. Niemiec at 23 at Gray Stone Mansion while working on AFI films. Shot by Michael Kundak.

Karl J. Niemiec at IFM Graystone MantionKarl J. Niemiec at Graystone Manison IFM Photo shoot








Karl J. Niemiec as Mike the Phone Guy in Phantasmagoria.

Karl J. Niemiec on Phantasmagoria

At the screening of Asylum in 2014, Indianapolis where I played a doctor.


Karl J. Niemiec in Asylum

Jonesville Michigan at our farm at 12 years old.

On Us 12

Our four children, Paisley, Kolton, Vaughn and Hudson. 2011.


Kids 2012.


Kids 2013.


Kids 2014.