Alien Mobster

Jozeph Picasso Alien Trilogy  (Act 3)

Filmmaking Adventures

Authored by Karl J. Niemiec

Alien Mobster is the thrilling conclusion to Jozeph Picasso Alien Trilogy Filmmaking AdventuresAlien Mobster Cover 04-16-13

Hold on to your flying saucers, Jozeph Picasso is back in amazing out of this world filmmaking action that doesn’t end until he yells cut!  Torn apart and pieced back together like a modern day Frankenstein, bitten by a werewolf and sucked on by a vampire, Picasso gets one last chance from the Alien Council to get his life back before his blood turns into something that could mean the end to life as we know it.  In the end, the monster he has to become in exchange to finish his movie is beyond anything a filmmaker has ever had to endure.  Face to face with himself, it’s up to him to decide which life to live.