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Okay, during the taping of Midnight Rondevu, I was asked to do a monolog. I had been working on one from a Pinter play (can’t remember which one) in Darryl Hickman’s workshop at Debbie Reynolds’ Dance Studios located in North Hollywood. Darryl was in Grapes of Wrath at 8 years old and is the brother […]

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Young Authors Club:

How to preserve your child’s creativity while raising funds for their schools and parks. This is a very simple concept that developed over time while I published my own books and taught self-publishing courses at IUPUI for adults and Young Authors Club at YMCA. Young Authors Club Created by Karl J. Niemiec is now a […]

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Once upon a time in Hollywood.

Back in the day. Hollywood and Detroit. Posted by Laptoppublishing.com on Monday, June 13, 2016 Photos were taken of Karl J. Niemiec in mid-70s by Stillman Clark, Michael Kundak in Hollywood and Print Photographer in Detroit in 79.

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word-september-2016-p36-books-sept-chapter-fiveRead Stranger than Fiction – Prologue, the first installment of the Jozpeh Picasso Alien Trilogy Serial online at:  The Word Read The trick to being creative in LA… Chapter One, the second installment of the Jozpeh Picasso Alien Trilogy Serial online at:  The Word Read This town is full of drifters and grifters… Chapter Two, the third installment of the Jozpeh Picasso […]

My Grandfather’s Cousin was killed at The St. Valentine’s Day Massacre

  Your copy From The Mob Museum The St. Valentine’s Day Massacre occurred about 10:30 a.m. on February 14, 1929, inside the S.M.C. Cartage Company garage at 2122 North Clark Street on the north side of Chicago. Seven men associated with George “Bugs” Moran’s bootlegging operation were waiting inside the garage, presumably for a meeting […]

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Where Halloween Lives – The Lost NeighborHood. YOUNG ADULT ANTHOLOGY BOOK and SCREENPLAY. Based on the script inside Prolific Screenwriter. A Creature Feature Romantic Adventure – by Karl J. Niemiec. Read script in PDF:  Where Halloween Lives  – The Lost Neighborhood. Read synoposis at: Where Halloween Lives Get you copy at: In Paperback and Kindle Books. […]

International Contest Winning Screenplay – One Lucky Pony

One Lucky Pony. Full script and synopsis can be found at: One Lucky Pony. Contact Karl J. Niemiec at: KJN@LapTopPublishing.com.