Caliphornia Bikini

Two nerds put up their parents’ Vegas homes as collateral to start a bikini manufacturing company to meet hot chicks only to be set up to lose everything when they find the distribution contract they signed is designed to make them fail.

Read Caliphornia Bikini in PDF: California Bikini Script


A raunchy sex comedy twisted around the hope of meeting sexy women by manufacturing of bikinis, with a female karate action ending, bikini fashion show, and three intertwined romantic plot lines filled with silly sex jokes and physically-comedic scenes. The script is set up to have as many sexy women in it that the budget allows. A perfect set up for a Vagas Strip show.

No lie, I actually had to take this script back while at gunpoint, held by a Florida Mobster who refused to pay the rest of the option money for writing it, and who planned to remove me from the producing team just to rip me off because he felt he could. It went down at a Hollywood film Studio on Santa Monica in West Hollywood. Mobster was so stunned that I had the balls to take the only copy of the script back while he held a gun on me, that he for some miracle, didn’t pull the trigger, and I got out of there without being shot in the back or getting my ass kicked by the boys waiting in the parking lot. My family being Polish Mobsters (The Polish Gang book available at the Vagas Mob Museum) had nothing to do with me getting away, but who knows where having the balls to take the script back came from? Regardless, I had no intentions of letting those ass-holes fuck with me, so now I have the script, and at least half the option money.