Tips to making Micro-Budget Films – by Shawn Whitney

Tips To Making A Microbudget Feature Film This e-book is dedicated to all those dreamers who are hungry to turn the stories in their heads into films. I hope this little book gives them the tools to take the first steps on their journeys. Shawn Whitney – MicroBudget Film Lab Click to read: microbudget feature ebook

Million Dollars

Ross Lynch, Maia Mitchell, Cast – Teen Beach 2 re-edited to dance to The Invisibles’ “Million Dollars.” Written, produced and sang by Karl J. Niemiec at Rock on Wall Studios.

Karl J. Niemiec – A Scene

Okay, during the taping of Midnight Rondevu, I was asked to do a monolog. I had been working on one from a Pinter play (can’t remember which one) in Darryl Hickman’s workshop at Debbie Reynolds’ Dance Studios located in North Hollywood. Darryl was in Grapes of Wrath at 8 years old and is the brother […]

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Young Authors Club:

How to preserve your child’s creativity while raising funds for their schools and parks. This is a very simple concept that developed over time while I published my own books and taught self-publishing courses at IUPUI for adults and Young Authors Club at YMCA. Young Authors Club Created by Karl J. Niemiec is now a […]

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Once upon a time in Hollywood.

Back in the day. Hollywood and Detroit. Posted by on Monday, June 13, 2016 Photos were taken of Karl J. Niemiec in mid-70s by Stillman Clark, Michael Kundak in Hollywood and Print Photographer in Detroit in 79.