Dump Trump Products

Dump Trump products here: DUMP TRUMP! The best thing about the Trump administration is that it has opened the eyes of the voting public as to what is really going on in Washington and around the world, and has given us a clear example of what we need to look for in good politicians. Not […]


From Chris at Film Editing Pro, http://www.filmeditingpro.com/. For many editors, the hardest part of cutting a trailer is knowing where to start. We designed this quick Trailer Editing Checklist to help simplify the process and steps of cutting a Hollywood Trailer. Read it in PDF: TrailerChecklist_2017

Tips to making Micro-Budget Films – by Shawn Whitney

Tips To Making A Microbudget Feature Film This e-book is dedicated to all those dreamers who are hungry to turn the stories in their heads into films. I hope this little book gives them the tools to take the first steps on their journeys. Shawn Whitney – MicroBudget Film Lab Click to read: microbudget feature ebook

Million Dollars

Ross Lynch, Maia Mitchell, Cast – Teen Beach 2 re-edited to dance to The Invisibles’ “Million Dollars.” Written, produced and sang by Karl J. Niemiec at Rock on Wall Studios.

Karl J. Niemiec – A Scene

Okay, during the taping of Midnight Rondevu, I was asked to do a monolog. I had been working on one from a Pinter play (can’t remember which one) in Darryl Hickman’s workshop at Debbie Reynolds’ Dance Studios located in North Hollywood. Darryl was in Grapes of Wrath at 8 years old and is the brother […]

Karl J. Niemiec’s Books at Barnes & Noble

Holiday’s are coming. Check out our list of books at Barnes & Noble.

Young Authors Club:

How to preserve your child’s creativity while raising funds for their schools and parks. This is a very simple concept that developed over time while I published my own books and taught self-publishing courses at IUPUI for adults and Young Authors Club at YMCA. Young Authors Club Created by Karl J. Niemiec is now a […]