Crazy Kind Of Love

Crazy Kind Of Love: A Neo-Noir – Killer Romantic Dramedy set in Detroit.

By Karl J. Niemiec

Proof that love at first sight can break your heart and kill you if you’re already married and the other woman is your best friend’s little sister.

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Love comes in all shapes and sizes when it comes to crazy love. Campbell and Noah fall in love the moment their eyes meet and Roger and Jessica have a love that festers through three marriages and potentially a third divorce if murder doesn’t get in the way.

Knowing Roger’s deep protection instincts for his much young half-sister, Jessica realizes that her husband Campbell has fallen in love with her and sets out to set Roger up in an outrageous murder scheme, designed so that see can keep all the things she helped Campbell build around their beautiful log-cabin country home.

But crazy love and babies get in the way and forces Roger and Jessica to realize that despite all the running away from each other when both of them are single, they are and always have been in a crazy kind of love, and there’s only one way out of the madness of potential murder — admit that they are both no good and deserve each other — and allow Campbell and Noah to live happily ever after.