Desert Screams

Desert Screams.  A Neo-Noir Thriller by Karl J. Niemiec

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Logline: A Chicago cop accidentally kills a black kid and leaves town only to get tangled in desert madness while helping an on-the-run black army nurse when her car breaks down and road bandits attempt to make her join them.

Synopsis:  Having been shot three times, a veteran white cop returns to work and shoots an unarmed black teen he helped grow up on the streets of South Chicago in a moment of stressful confusion and only loses his job, causing city-wide civil unrest and a big lawsuit.Desert Screams
So he heads across the country for a new life but changes his mind and doesn’t make the turn in the road he had planned to take. Instead, he turns onto Route 94 and heads into the desert to tour an Alien Research Facility, just because it’s there.
Where he comes across a black Muslim army nurse, on the run from an abusive boyfriend and a guilt-filled past, whose packed stolen car has broken down and is surrounded by a group of desert rats led by schizophrenic- mass murderer.
When he stops to help her, his life takes a deadly turn into the night, where he and the woman must bond together to put an end to the desert screams, with the help of the local Hispanic Gas Station owner and his two long-time Indian friends who are there to help him through his chemotherapy treatments, that caused his young daughter to run away and may possibly be one of the psychopath’s victims.