Harry Starkers

Read it with just Harry Starkers on-camera – in PDF Harry Starkers Film Noir

Based on the Award Winning Play: Voices and More Voices – Stage Reading performed at Tracy Roberts’ Studio in Beverly Hills.

A romantic Film Noir dramedy for the longing heart in all of us.

Harry Starkers met the muse of his life during the finals of a seventh-grade Spelling Bee state championship. And never stopped loving her. Even in print.

After his over-bearing father blamed his sudden death on paying for Harry’s super-education, Harry Starkers closed his law practice to write wildly successful, cheesy suspense novels about the girl his father wouldn’t let him ask to the seventh-grade dance because she wasn’t of his faith.

Offscreen actors actions are only reflected as shadows on the walls.

1- M and 12 Voices: 5 F – 7 M

Two simple sets: Int/Ext. dark, dingy studio apartment, and a shadowy padded cell.  With a single beach scene.

Harry Starkers is a comedic Film Noir emotional roller coaster into madness, driven by the farcical off-stage voices that torment a writer whose real passion for an unrequited childhood love has pushed him over the edge of reality into an exciting world of love, fantasy, adventure, and… fiction.  Tragic because in his current book, that his publisher sold to Hollywood, he has written himself so far into a corner trying to rid his heroine of a perfect villain that he has his own footsteps on his back.  So he attempts to shoot himself in the brain to finally kill him off with the gun his wife purposely left for him to use. For which his mother and wife put him away, trying to squeeze his characters out of his head forever.  But this, with the help of Hollywood Suits wanting to rewrite his work, only drives him deeper into madness, while his wife plays hide the thermometer with his psychiatrist, who tries to steal the proceeds to Harry’s books while keeping him drugged and unconscious. In the end, he must draw his villain back from the dead to help rewrite his book, Falling Men Must Die, into the happy ending, Falling Men Won’t Die, finally letting his heroin go, only to be saved by the girl of his dreams when his mother finally reads his fan mail and books, realizing who he’s been writing about all these years with such passion, and feels the woman should know, so hires her to be his divorce lawyer.

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