One Lucky Pony

One Lucky Pony – Romantic Sports Dramedy.  Full script and synopsis below.

Note: According to IMDb One Lucky Pony is the first fiction movie that features a Polo tournament in its plot structure since The Kid from Texas, a 1939 Western sports comedy, starring Dennis O’Keefe.  The Original Trailer: The Kid From Texas.

One Luck Pony is Available in Paperback.
ISBN-13: 978-1523838493

Karl is WGA Eligible, SAG & AFTRA 


Read screenplay in PDF: One Lucky PonyOneLuckyPonyKarlJ.Niemiec


A wild teen born in a Kentucky horse pasture inherits half of a polo team and banking empire that wants nothing to do with her… so she pretends to be what they think she is… a knuckle sandwich with legs, to get even.

Alternative Logline:

When her runaway-clown pa dies, Ginger Kelly, a diamond-in-the- rough-singing-rodeo star, inherits half of the east coast Rothschild banking empire and Polo team … that wants nothing to do with her … so she pretends to be what they think she is, a knuckle sandwich with legs, to get even.

Pitch: Pretty Woman meets The Kid from Texas, with a twist of female Easy Rider.

Synopsis in PDF: One Lucky Pony

What the pros have said: 

Won First Place in A/Exposure Screenplay Contest.

Quarterfinalist for Female Category in Cynosure Screenwriting Contest.

Passed Quarterfinals, Entered Consider List at scDaily AAA Screenplay Contest.

Advanced To Nicholl Fellowships Quarterfinal Round.

Advanced To American Accolades Semi-final Round.

“One Lucky Pony is the first Polo script to come my way that gets it right.”  Steve Crowder – Former Coach of American Cup Polo Team.

“Really well done. Congratulations!”  Alex McPhail – Screenplay Competition Director, Austin Film Festival.

“Just finished. Your script is fantastic! So well done.” Cathryn de Prum – Actress in “Wild”.

An original story inspired by ‘One Luck Pony struck by a Rainbow.’ Photo taken New Years Day while climbing Maui’s Haleakala Volcano… by Karl J. Niemiec. 

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