Out Of The Coffin – Director Karl J. Niemiec

Yes, it’s actually Halloween and since this year has been marred by all the misgivings of social injustice around the country, here’s a little A Social Vampire Comedy to lighten the hearts and stimulate the blood for all you night crawlers everywhere. OUT OF THE COFFIN

“Even in a country as diverse as America being a Vampire… sucks!”

Happy Halloween!!!!!!!! Now in HD!

Starring Noelle Messier, Blumen Young (RIP), Walter Coldwell, Dean SchallerKarl J. Niemiec, Baby Vaughn Niemiec, Tim Kahle, Leu Sandoval, Gil Lopez, Chris Field (Jennifer Just Field), Kat Turner, Larence Johnson and Micheal Hegedus as the Dade. Featuring the unforgettable sound of The Pointy Shoe Factory. Director of Photography Gil Lopez. Written, Directed, Produced, and edited by Karl J. Niemiec. Director of Photography Gil Lopez. Premiered at Haunted Newport on Halloween 2002.