Prolific Screenwriter – First Read Screenwriting Contest

Featuring “Prolific Screenwriter”
by Karl J. Niemiec

How to be a Prolific Screenwriter is a Simple Five-Step-Reformatting Technique that turns your outlines and books into screenplays.

It is a comprehensive accessory to all screenplay writing books, software and classes for both new and experienced writers.

It helps eliminate fear of the blank page forever.

Used in Screenplay, TV, and Stage Play structures. A perfect tool for showrunners and production companies working with writing staffs.


Three basic benefits that make this Script Contest Unique:

  1. Winners receive a certificate to teach Prolific Screenwriter Course.
  2. Winners receive a discount on course books. This creates two sources of income for winning writers as teachers and speakers for a sustainable career path.
  3. Contestants must fulfill the Five-Step Reformatting Process and submit each step to enter.
  4. This gives Prolific Screenwriter Contest only First Read Scripts to attract Production Companies and Agencies looking for the latest screenplays!

More on the script inside Prolific Screenwriter:  “‘Where Halloween Lives – The Lost Neighborhood.”

Out in paperback in 2014.

Most Helpful Customer Amazon Review

By eiggjohn on January 5, 2013

5.0 out of 5 stars

I found this to be a very helpful
addition to my “Screenplay How to Books”.
It takes a little while to grasp the concept
but once grasped it is never to be forgotten.
Plus by using this formula it does leave time
for other things in life. A great companion
to ‘The Screenwriters Bible’.

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