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5.0 out of 5 stars Screenwriting, January 5, 2013
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This review is from: Prolific Screenwriter (How to be a Prolific Screenwriter – The Fastest and Easiest Way to a First Draft) (Kindle Edition)

I found this to be a very helpful addition to my “Screenplay How to Books”. It takes a little while to grasp the concept but once grasped it is never to be forgotten. Plus by using this formula it does leave time for other things in life. A great companion to ‘The Screenwriters Bible’.

For Both Teachers and Writers

A Ten Day Course – One Hour Per Class

Includes course book and working directly with the author and creator of this program, Karl J. Niemiec.

Note: You do not need to write or complete a screenplay to take this course. 

However, to earn  a Teaching Certificate to become a Prolific Screenwriter instructor you must complete and submit all Five-Steps.  Completed scripts and Five Steps will be reviewed before Certificates are awarded to teach Prolific Screenwriter.

Exceptions: If you are already a Screenwriting Teacher you can apply for a Certificate by contacting

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To use this simple Five-Step Reformatting Technique a writer will need a computer. This book is meant to complement all screenplay books and classes out there today. This is a “How to Write a Screenplay Faster” course. So being brilliant on your first script isn’t required. Understanding this process is what’s important in becoming a Prolific Screenwriter.

This course is designed to speed up the script writing process allowing the writer to get more ideas into screenplay structure in less time.

Those of you who are already proficient with the screenplay page and story structure will find this formula extremely helpful. For those of you who are not familiar with the page structure can study samples of Final Draft page formatting starting on page 26 of this book. Those of you already using Final Draft and other formatting programs will find this formula fully adaptable and it will enhance what you already know. Suggested script formatting books and software can be found at I use “Final Draft.”

Keep in mind that this formula is extremely simple in its application but in no way am I claiming writing a screenplay is easy. However, through my attempts to write faster, get more ideas in screenplay structure in less time, I developed this Five-Step Reformatting Technique to a First Draft and it has helped me eliminate all fear of the blank page… forever.

For the professional screenwriter shackled by writing other people’s visions — this formula will help fulfill your fruitfulness and free up your time to work on your own projects. Those of you unable to find the time to get your thoughts into screenplay structure will find this formula helps you focus. Finally, if you’re in film school this course could possibly keep you sane, leave you time to study, and give you hope.

So, having said all this, I want to remind you that the faster you type the faster this formula will work. The more you know about screenplay structure the more this formula will work. The better storyteller you are the better this formula will work. And finally, the more driven you are to get your story done, the more this technique will ease your loneliness and give you time to enjoy other elements of your life – like family and friends.

Once again, this reformatting technique is very simple. If you find yourself wondering why you didn’t think of this on your own, join the club. For those of you who are using similar formulas that deal with complete outlines, you’re in luck. This course is for you. So let’s get started.

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