What Students Say About KjN Studios

“Your kids did great in LA!”

Tyler Matthews | National Director
Talent Development USA

Six actors signed with LA and Chicago Agents in 2015


From Juanita Ingram Brown 10-28-17

“I am at an actors’ workshop in Atlanta. It is a 3-day workshop with Tasha Smith. She’s been in everything and now she is directing TV shows and there are two producers here that currently have shows as well. There are 100 students in this class. We were doing monologues today. I did the one we’ve worked on before. I was still and made strong choices. Just like you taught me. Just like we rehearsed. Everything we worked on, I did it. And it worked. It worked. I hadn’t seen them smile like that. I was almost last. She said I need to stop practicing law and go full on with acting. She had no critique. None. She said it was perfect. And she’s been ripping people apart. She’s brutal. And this experience has been amazing. I would not have been prepared if we hadn’t worked. Thank you!!!!! I can see all that we’ve been working on in other actors too. They should take your class. Thank you for teaching me to stop acting and just be. And how to have a strong face even while crying. To be believable yet in total control. To do the background work to make the choices that keep the audience. This is an amazing feeling right now. Thank you.”