The Book Edit Exchange

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You must have taken either Write to be Published, Prolific Screenwriter,
Young Playwrights &  be an I-Publish Club Members –
to Join The Book Edit Exchange.

Sign up to Trade Books and Script Proofing and Review.  

Proof a book or script and get your book or script proofed. Sign up now!

What does it cost? – $50.00 per book or script title listing for all Non-I-Publish Club Members.
What do you get? – You select the person who proofs your book. And agree to proof theirs.
What do you save? – You save money on proofing fees.
Why? – Because after each read through you can re enter your book or script for another read.
Is there another fee? – Yes, the second time you enter the same book or script there’s an additional $25.00 fee, then $15.00, then $10.00.
How does this work? – You post on your books/script page that describes who you are and what you need done. You reach out to other writers in the program and they can reach out to you.
What Else Is There? – You can trade Worldwide Book and Script Reviews.
Can You Get More Than One Review? – Yes, you can trade reviews with as many fellow writers signed up in Proof Trade Program.

To sign up for courses:

Write to be Published Course

Young Playwright Course

How to be a Prolific Screenwriter Course