Where Halloween Lives – The Lost NeighborHood


Based on the script inside Prolific Screenwriter.

Where Halloween Lives – The Lost NeighborHood – A Creature Feature Romantic Adventure – by Karl J. Niemiec

A heartbroken high school wrestler, haunted by the sweets of trick-or-treat, must get the ‘Cul-de-sac Kids’  home from The Lost NeighborHood of Detroit, before classic 19th Century Halloween-Horror creatures eat them.

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To see video and read more about The (Real) Lost Neighborhood read: The Lost Neighborhood of Detroit article in The Detroit News

From The Detroit News Headlines, NOVEMBER 11, 2012: “In search of Detroit’s lost neighborhood.”

In the shadow of Detroit’s famous ruin, the Michigan Central Depot, a small group excavates a former thriving neighborhood that once occupied the adjacent areas; in all, about 20 blocks of streets and alleys that ran from 15th to 20th streets and from the train station to Michigan Avenue.  Now all gone.

The 19th century Corktown neighborhood was demolished to make the entrance for the train station in the 1910s.

Most of the residents are unrecorded; they are not in any record.  Many were working class, although not all.  There were some medical doctors in this neighborhood.

“Where Halloween Lives – The Lost NeighborHood”

Synopsis by Karl J. Niemiec


Where Halloween Lives – The Lost NeighborHood” – is set in the Lost NeighborHood of Corktown, Detroit on the infamous night before Halloween.

The story begins in present time when heartbroken Beamer DaMatta, finds himself trapped in a kid’s trick-or-treat world that he no longer believes in, trying desperately not to let Mab Suzuki, his Asian-American angel-next-door, move out of his life forever. 

This causes Beamer to pile the reluctant kids and a dog he’s babysitting into his dad’s Caddy and drive his angry girlfriend across Detroit to her new home in Corktown. Being mean to the kids in the process, he unwittingly enters The Lost NeighborHood by double daring classic horror creatures to eat them.

They soon find themselves blamed for shenanigans, until they are on the run trying to figure out where they are, how they got there, and what game they have to solve to get everyone back in the Caddy and out of The Lost Neighborhood before they are the main course at Halloween Feast.

With Mab in pieces, literally, waiting for the boys’ extra body parts, Beamer must solve the mystery of The Lost Neighborhood board game, save her by helping the other kids overcome their personal shortcomings, and get home before their parents return at midnight..

Personal Message:

“Where Halloween Lives – The Lost NeighborHood,” a Creature Feature Adventure, based on true childhood escapades, is also in first draft as a Young Adults Book Series, authored by Karl J. Niemiec, to be published by LapTopPublishing.com. It is set to become a Halloween tradition, in the vein of Rocky Horror Picture Show, by cross marketing the movie, costumes, board game and books.

Through marketing, kids and young adults will sit in their favorite Halloween costumes, watching the DVD while playing, year after year, trying to get out of: “Where Halloween Lives – The Lost NeighborHood.”