This Is Why

Why Do Six Garbage Trucks Go By My House In One Day?

Turning Small ?uestions into Big Ideas Hosted by Vaughn Niemiec

An Educational Series created by Karl J. Niemiec

Watch the award winning video below.

Vaughn, thank you so much for sharing your excellent video with others! Mayor Brainard forwarded your email to me as I am the person helping him with his city-wide trash and recycling program. I am glad you made this video and offered it for our use. I will be sharing it with members of our Citizens Trash & Recycling Advisory committee. They are the people who will be helping us get a trash program started. I will also share your video with the head of the Carmel Library, Ms. Wendy Phillips. You say so many nice things about the library and I know Ms. Phillips would like to see your video. We may discover that there will be more times we would like to use your video. If so, I will be sure to let you know. P.S. Would you be willing to have the City share it as a public service announcement on the channel 16 the Government channel? Thank you so much, Vaughn. I will keep in touch and let you know how the trash & recycling program is going. Sue Maki, Manager of Customer Relations & Education, City of Carmel Utilities


Hi, Karl and Vaughn. I just saw your video about the garbage trucks riding through your neighborhood. It was cool! We are a green citizens group in Carmel and invite you to check us out at I am checking with our Recycling and Webmaster about linking to your video. Thanks for your good work!  Leslie Webb Carmel Green Initiative Carmel Do you favor city-wide curbside recycling? Vote online.

Thanks so much, Vaughn. This is a wonderful video and we will use it to help spread the word about consolidating trash pickup. Keep up the good work. Nancy S. Heck Director of Community Relations One Civic Square Carmel, IN

Hi Vaughn! Wow! Your project is quite impressive and you are quite impressive, as well! I am so glad that you shared it with me! You are helping to improve our community (and the world!). I can’t wait to meet you! Principal Davis, Woodbrook Elementary, Carmel, Indiana

Vaughn, what a great video…thanks for sharing. Josh Blackmore Facility Superintendent Carmel Dads’ Club.

Outstanding! This is exactly what Carmel needs! Thanks for reading Current In Carmel. Andy Ray.