Three Neo-Noir Stage Plays

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Three Neo-Nior Stage Plays by Karl J. Niemiec

Based on the Screenplays.

Going Bad:

Thieves weave a twisted love-torn plot to rob an old hitman for the money under his bed, leaving a young doctor’s life in crippled ruins, waiting for the men he knows will someday come looking for the money.

When The Right Man Finds You:

The past of two young property developers catches up with them and takes everything away but their love for each other.

Bonjour, America:

Small Town, Big Crime. What do you do when you end up with all the bad money when all you’re trying to do is get home to your good family?

For French suit salesman, Vincent Boyer, in 1960, it’s overcoming his greatest fears and finding a way to take the leap into making it home first to save his loved ones.