Three Position Football

Pass-Catch-Defend  Instructional Game for Boys and Girls

Authored by Karl J. Niemiec

The Complete Rules and Regulations Book.

A perfect football game for school curriculum, enrichment programs and fundraising tournaments.

TPF on its way to YMCA: Three Position Football at the YMCA 2013

If you are looking for a degree in football coaching.

It has been said that Three Position Football brings the Madden NFL Video Football Game to life, because kids choose what plays to run, get to tweak them a little bit, and make them their own.

TPFRotation for reality show
Goals of Three Position Football: The overall goal of this game are to teach players the fundamentals of Leadership, Following Instructions and Self Reliance through the basic elements of organized football.

A secondary goal of this game, beyond creating paid coaching jobs, is to give teachers and coaches a chance to hone their football mentoring skills.  This football game is a great opportunity to pass down fundamental elements of football, position techniques and game theories that were gifted to them during their playing days, and will help keep alive the football wisdom from their dads, mentors, teachers and coaches for football-playing generations to come.

Three Position Football being played at The Lillian Davis Foundation After School Program, Indianapolis, IN