New Screenwriting Contest featuring Prolific Screenwriter by Karl J. Niemiec

How to be a Prolific Screenwriter is a Simple Five-Step-Reformatting Technique that turns your outlines books into screenplays.  Can be used for Screenplay structure, TV, play and books, and will be part of follow up books, based on turning one of my Published Books into a screenplay.

It is a comprehensive accessory to all screenplay writing books, software, and classes for both new and experienced writers.
It helps eliminate fear of the blank page forever.

What is different about Prolific Screenwriter Contest?  The basic benefits that make this Script Contest Unique:

  1. The winners get a Certificate to Teach the Prolific Screenwriter Course.  This creates an income for the winning writer as a teacher and perhaps a sustainable career path.
  2. The Contestants must go fulfill the Five-Step Reformatting Process and submit each step to enter.  This gives Prolific Screenwriter the best chance to get first read scripts, instead of the thousands of scripts that have revolved around all the other contests.
  3. Selling the book as part of the contest brings in further revenue on the book.  And inside the book is a script The Game of Halloween (aka The Night Before Halloween).  This would bring a Mental Real Estate to the script and would enhance the selling of the script.
  4. This Contest Concept can be linked with an existing production company looking for original scripts that haven’t been shopped around.  And could help land production development jobs.
  5. The Game of Halloween Board Game.  (Book  of The Game of Halloween included)
  6. Halloween Costumes from the film. (Marketing.  Kids sitting around in costume playing the game.