Violent Behavior

One-Hour TV Pilot, Second Episode and Bible.
Violent Behavior – an explosive sci-fi thriller
Pitch: Darkman meets The Fugitive.
Blown to bits and thought dead, genius hi-tech weapons designer, Charley Fever becomes a mangled fugitive, seeking redemption for a lost love by offering villains one ghost of a chance to walk away from the violent world of drug trafficking… or die… as DEA agents desperately hunt him and his love’s ghost, to put an end to the vigilantly carnage.


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Based on real life events such as in the LA Times: May 13, 2012: Mexican authorities discover 43 mutilated men and half a dozen women in plastic garbage bags dumped on a highway near the U.S. border, a region where rival cartels battle for control over lucrative drug-trafficking.

Synopsis:  Charley Fever is a military-trained computer genius and ex-member of a violent biker gang that distributes drugs for a Mexican cartel. He has fallen for Lauren De’Angleo, a gorgeous lawyer after she ran him off a mountain road and he saved her life from a burning Jag.

Lauren has convinced Charley that the only way they can be together is if they are relocated by the Feds in exchange for helping the DEA end the violent behavior he helped create.

The story starts as Charley Fever sets a timer on his laptop and puts a hard drive into his left breast pocket, leaving everything else behind.

Feds and DEA, led by Lloyd Rivers, escort Charley to Lauren’s penthouse. We see from Charley’s fabricated 70s Corvette that he is very much enjoys designing sophisticated electronic gadgets.

Meanwhile, we watch Eric James, a cop-gone-bad and Lloyd’s half brother, scale Lauren’s building to set enough plastic explosives behind a wine bottle to destroy the entire penthouse, and kill Lloyd and his men.

After taking crap on the way up from jealous undercover DEA Agents, Charley waits on the balcony with champagne glasses, nervous because he’s about to propose.

The moment he realizes someone jimmied the balcony door, Lauren pulls out the bottle, and Charley gets blown off the balcony. The last thing he sees is Lauren horrifically ripped apart.

Thought dead, Charley miraculously survives the blast due to the hard drive melting around his heart. Literally, a monster of the man, he uses his computer genius skills to build an hi-tech vehical and arsenal with the money his computer emptied from drug dealer’s bank accounts.

Once healed and encouraged by Lauren’s ghost, Charley escapes from the doctors and DEA keeping him alive who hope to gain the info in his brain to take down Chavez and his drug cartel, and starts after them himself, seeking revenge and redemption for what they did to him and his love.

A twist of hope is the good in himself that Lauren made him see, so Charley gives his ex-friends one last chance to walk away from the cartel or die as horrifically as Lauren had.

Those that have something to live for do.

At the end of the skyrocketing carnage, Charley Fever stops what the Feds and DEA could not, but becomes a mythical outlaw, a drifting crusader hunted by Lloyd and his DEA crew, alive without a life, with the ghost of his love at his side, to fight another drug war.

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