When The Right Man Finds You

When The Right Man Finds You

A thriller of a love story.

Logline: The shadowy past of two young property developers catches up with them and takes away everything but their love for each other.

Screenplay in PDF: When The Right Man Finds You

Now available in PDF stage play: When the Right Man Finds You 

Also available in Three Paper Back Series: Neo-Noir Stage Play


When The Right Man Finds You is a thriller for the romantic in all of us.  The stage play and screenplay were inspired by the disappearance of my Golden Mike Award-winning wife, who was taken from our home, only to be saved by the FBI 4 1/2 years later, and placed in a relocation program, somewhere in North America.  This is a what if the right man found her.  With male and female roles intertwined in thrilling murders, the dark past of two young property developers catches up with them and takes away everything they’ve built together, but their unwavering love for each other.

The story takes place in the small town of  Northville, Michigan, where two visionary people in their mid 30’s, with tragic backgrounds and a lot to hide, instantly fall in love while bidding for and the same old haunted McClure House. Marley Grayson has bought up the weekly newspaper looking for a place to write her great American novel, and Bo Foster has opened an Art Shop where he secretly builds built in furniture from treasured wood found sunken in the Great Lakes for his dream home he doesn’t even own.

Once Bo’s insanely incredible work is revealed, he and Marley join forces in remodeling the majestic home. During this work, they discover that their ghost is the long-lost McClure boy, thought to have run away, but instead locked in a trunk behind a false wall that hid fire damage.

After a night of passion, they rush into marriage, only to begin discovering more than they can live with about each other’s dark past. Now, they must decide how to keep their love alive after Bo’s childhood friend Salvador Turk, begins murdering construction people because he feels cheated out of his dream to live next to Bo, threatening to kill and reveal their truth to the world.  To save their lives at the bone-chilling conclusion, Bo and Marley are forced to kill Salvador. But, to save their love, they must tragically leave behind the wonderful life they created.