Young Authors Club:

How to preserve your child’s creativity while raising funds for their schools and parks.

This is a very simple concept that developed over time while I published my own books and taught self-publishing courses at IUPUI for adults and Young Authors Club at YMCA.

Young Authors Club Created by Karl J. Niemiec is now a published book and available to schools and parks to raise funds for FREE!

Young Authors Club front 7-18-16

Hey, teachers, administration, and park program directors, if you would like a free pdf copy of this book, please e-mail us on our contact page using your school or park e-mail. If you are friends with teachers or park programmers, please share this with them. thx, KjN.

For $3.00 discount from CreateSpace visit and paste J588YMZM in the discount space.

Read about Young Authors Club at Current In Carmel

Karl J. Niemiec teaching Young Authors Cours at the Monon Center

Karl J. Niemiec teaching Young Authors Course at the Monon Center in jCarmel, Indiana.

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Hey, Young Authors! Get your YA Club Gear and Stationary here for your Book Signing Events.